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Housing Plus Research Project

Questions and Answers

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What is “supportive housing”?
Supportive housing, also known as HousingPlus, combines affordable housing with on-site counselling, training and other services that help people live stable and successful lives, and contribute to building stronger and safer neighbourhoods.
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What is a “collaborative community”?
Researchers use the term “collaborative communities” to describe groups of professionals and consumers of services who are working together to address a shared challenge. In this project, a collaborative community consists of the staff and tenants of HousingPlus organizations in Ottawa. Together with University of Ottawa researchers, this community is working together to develop tools for evaluating the implementation of supportive housing in Ottawa.
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What will the project do?
This research project will enable to the community to learn about the successes and challenges in providing HousingPlus services in the city. Then, the collaborative community will work to develop strategies for improving the delivery of HousingPlus in the city, and to support agencies in adopting these innovations.

The project also involves a team of researchers from the University of Ottawa who are studying the development of this collaborative community. The researchers will draw lessons about how these communities evolve towards a shared understanding of good practice in delivering HousingPlus services. The research will also produce lessons to guide the development of future collaborative communities.
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Who is conducting the research?
The research team consists of academics from the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and the Centre for Addiction and Health.

  • John Sylvestre (U. of Ottawa)
  • Tim Aubry (U. of Ottawa)
  • Brad Cousins (U. of Ottawa)
  • P. Sundar (Carleton)
  • John Trainor (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

The team has partnered with the Ottawa Supportive Housing Network, a coalition of ten non-profit housing agencies. The study is being funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.
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What are the deliverables?

  • A tool for evaluating the implementation of supportive housing.
  • A study of the implementation of supportive housing in Ottawa.
  • Strategies for improvements in the delivery of supportive housing in Ottawa.
  • A sustainable collaborative community focusing on supportive housing in Ottawa.
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What is the project structure?

  • Steering committee overseeing implementation of project (membership from Ottawa Supportive Housing Network).
  • Collaborative community, consisting of staff and tenants of participating housing programs.
  • Research team, located at U. of Ottawa.
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What is the project timeline?
Year 1

  • Project planning
  • Development of steering committee and collaborative community
  • Development of implementation evaluation tool

Year 2

  • Study of implementation of supportive housing
  • Development of strategies for supportive housing improvement

Year 3

  • Evaluation of adoption of innovations in supportive housing
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