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Ottawa Salus

Salus - ChrichtonOttawa Salus offers housing, community support services, and rehabilitation programs for individuals aged 16 or older with serious mental illness.  Services are available in English, French, and ASL.

Housing options include:

  • independent, self-contained apartments with on-site support, generally available during office hours;
  • group homes, each with 4 to 10 residents, sharing kitchen, bathrooms and living areas; staff are on site during most office hours.

Housing applicants must have an individual support worker (typically a case manager or ACT Team) before moving in to Salus.

Community support services take the form of case management services, as well as on-site supports for Salus tenants.  Many Salus case management clients are also Salus tenants; but Salus tenants may have support workers from other agencies, and many case management clients do not live in Salus housing.  Access to Salus case management services is through MHCSS (Mental Health Community Support Services) which is a partnership of all Ottawa agencies receiving Ministry of Health funding for case management.  MHCSS is based at CMHA and administers the shared waiting list for case management.

Rehabilitation programs, in the form of recreology and occupational therapy are available to all Salus clients and tenants; but the major rehabilitation program is Salus' residential transitional program at our Fisher group home.  This is a one-year intensive program, with 24 hour on-site support, for clients referred by hospitals only.  Fisher clients are not required to have individual support workers when moving into the program.

How you can helpWebsite: www.salus.on.ca
E-mail: email@salus.on.ca
Address: 2000 Scott Street, Ottawa ON K1Z 6T2
Telephone: (613) 729-0123
Fax: (613) 729-7800
TTY: (613) 759-8455

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